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Pets or Food is committed to getting you your animals on time and in good shape. To insure that our product is always fresh and as advertised, we have contracted several of the leading world wide shippers to deliver our goods.

Live animals are sent by Roadway Animal Express and can reach most destinations within the Continental US in three days.

Ready to eat animals are frozen and sent air express by your choice of Airborne Express, FedEx, or UPS. Remember! With any Ready to Eat order totalling more than $500, Pets or Food will ship it to you for free!


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  1. BOBBY

    does it ship to canada?

  2. wtf

    WTF!?! Do you WANT to eat pets!?! you are a sick fuck!!!!!

  3. Steve

    Just like to say what a great service this is! I ordered the hamster 12 pack and it came next day just after midday.
    Can’t say enough about the efficient service and meat quality. I have a 4 children so the hamster pack provides a healthy alternative to burgers.

  4. Bazz

    How are live animals shipped overseas and do they still arrive in good shpape?

    Specifically, I was thinking about ordering a Koala, but I am already in Australia – does the Koala go via the States or can it be dispatched locally? I’ worried as I reckon a koala with 40,000 airmiles might not arrive in the best shape!

  5. ben

    do you deliver to the uk

    1. Sidney

      Yes we do.

  6. Mary

    Can’t seem to find Yorkshire Terriers on your site. As I am quite partial to this meat I wondered if you would be supplying it in the future ?

    1. Sidney

      We don’t get a lot of requests for terrier, so we haven’t stocked it in the past, but I will look into it again based on your request.

  7. Chae

    UMMM… when i looked at the mammels site it showed me that you kill the dogs and send it? Are you really gonna do that with mine?

    1. Sidney

      Hi Chae, only if you order “Pet Ready to Eat” or PRE

  8. Chae

    Is this a pet safe program or is it just about eating dogs?????!!!!????!!!!

  9. Chae

    wait so it is only shipping dead dogs?

  10. Chae

    and also can i ship a rottweiler pup for free or no? Only if he or she doesn’t come on my porch dead. k?

  11. Chae

    Is this shipping thing FREE or not!!!???!!!

  12. Chae

    r u guys deaf i hav been waiting for a whole week and still no answer is it free can it ship a pup and does it ship to New Jersey?????!!!!!!????

  13. Chae

    ummm this is grooossss why do u kill pups or dogs and eat them???? im gonna throw up dogs are man’s best friend not for steak lvrs go eat your own fat!!!!!

  14. Chae


  15. odus

    Y’all charge tax for orders shipped to Knoxville TN?

  16. Jaime

    Do you have rats?

  17. Badger

    Many thanks for the excellent service. It was worth the $45 extra for international shipping — we just can’t buy this range of quality products in the UK. My PRE package arrived still frozen, in a hygienic vacuum pack surrounded by tons of insulation, in a reusable cool box with a cardboard shipping sleeve. Awesome service!

    It’s not petsorfood’s fault that UK Customs prosecuted me for breaking some stupid British law. It’s not for nothing that the USA is called the land of the free! People, check local laws before ordering.

  18. Animal Lover

    Hello, I just want to know would you be able to send a hamster out to me that is not dead, please email me I am very confused by this whole thing!

  19. Ashley

    If i order it in Live form? Does it come still living, the way we are eating it we want a hunt & then to eat it. Please let me know as soon as possible, the prices on this site are greater than any other!

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