Swine Flu? Pork Bonanza!

pig_topproductSwine Flu got you down? 

Got a hankerin’ for some bacon but don’t know if its safe?

Pets or Food is pleased to announce we have an incredible deal for all you pork lovers out there! FREE PIGS!

The economic downturn and the Swine Flu pandemic have created an incredible opportunity for us. Pig ranchers are literally giving away their stock!! We have obliged them by taking all the little piggies off their hands. And now we can offer them to you at the LOW LOW PRICE OF…NOTHING! That’s right! Absolutely free.

You pay shipping and handling.

Act now before all the piggies are gone!

Please note, although you can not get swine flu from eating pork, we are not responsible if you do eat pork, get swine flu, and die.


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