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Dear valued customers,

We are planning to introduce some new products to Pets or Food and I wanted to get your opinions on what you might like to see from us. We’ve already begun the product development phase, but can’t decide which one to introduce first. Here are our options:


Due to the popularity of Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet, we have received a lot of request for the diminutive critters. On the pet side, they are very affectionate, much like a ferret in many ways. We have not successfully house broken one, so it is best to keep them in a large cage. On the food side, they taste quite a bit like possum, with less meat. 

Meerkat mushroom gravy, for which we have developed a very easy to follow recipe, is deliriously good.


The Zonkey is a cross between a Zebra and Donkey. Like the Mule, the Zonkey is not capable of breeding, so these hybrid species are very rare.

Zebras and Zonkeys are both part of the horse family, so it is no surprise that the Zonkey has a temperament much like a horse, and is more or less amenable to human contact based on its previous contact with people. They make great novelty steeds at your local stable. On the culinary side, Zonkey is leaner than horse meat and provides very exclusive bragging rights. 


The Wallaroo is a marsupial that is very similar to a wallaby or kangaroo and a medium sized critter in between the wallaby and kangaroo. Wallaroos are very friendly and a “just right” size both as a pet, because they aren’t going to eat you out of house and home or require large areas to occupy, and as a main dish, because the Wallaroo has a great deal of meat relative to the size.

We are fortunate to have found several Washington farms who can supply us with fresh, organically fed Wallaroo.  

So, what do you think? Which of these delightful animals should come on as our new product?



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  1. chris_nwo2sw

    Do it and I will order and then consume it. I have already ordered two komodos, one as a pet and one for a BBQ.

  2. Miley

    I’ll like a Zonkey and meekat with a hamster.

  3. bill levin

    are not meerkats something you need to marinate for 3-4 hours in milk to cure out the gaminess… like that of a weasel? or is it like squirrel and you can use just lemon and butter?

    I am not quiet sure on that. Any help would be appreciated. THANKS!


  4. Miley

    Add the zonkey and the meerkat, I want to order some for pets and fOOD! Please! Do it for your fellow chowers!

  5. Chris Bellis

    i need the bragging rights:D

  6. Wil

    I vote for the wallaroo first, it just looks awesome, then the meerkat.

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